Dylan Rewind 2018

Dylan Rewind 2018 was the one that started it all. Created over the course of four days in mid-December 2018, the quality was noticeably lower than later entries. However, as the first entry in the series, it must be given credit where credit is due.

The original idea for Dylan Rewind was spawned from YouTube Rewind 2018, and how it did not live up to expectations. I thought, "what if I made a rewind?" So I threw together a montage in three days, and picked songs from memorable experiences from the year. I also thought of very basic scenes, mostly parodying YouTube Rewind 2018. Other notable influences were Hamilton, Undertale, and Deltarune.

The now-iconic ending dance that plays over the "Happy New Year" was only put there because I thought it fit the music. The original video was us dancing to "Rockerfeller Street", doing the same dance from the Vine. And the idea to play the video so that the ending dance would start at the stroke of midnight was a product of the meme that was popular that New Year's of "play this video at some time so that the exciting part happens at midnight, to start your year off right." Little did I know that this spur-of-the-moment decision would affect major design decisions of future entries.

Songs Used:
Satisfied - Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
Country Roads (Radio Dance Version) - Hermes House Band
Hopes and Dreams (Orchestral Mix) - L-Train
Don't Forget - NoteBlock

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