Dylan Rewind 2021

Dylan Rewind 2021 is the epilogue to the Dylan Rewind series. As the final entry, it serves a special purpose other than being the best of the bunch. Its themes, cohesive story, and montage-scene connectivity conclude the ideals set forth in the previous entries of the series.

The opening is based on a true story. Yep. In late September of 2021, I fell off of a Veo scooter and had to go to the hospital. Thankfully, I didn't hit my head, and had no lasting injuries. However, once it happened, I knew it would be a good premise for Dylan Rewind. Amnesia is a low-hanging fruit for a companion story for a recap montage, and I took advantage of it.

Dylan Rewind 2021 was not as ambitious or time-consuming as Dylan Rewind 2020, and it piggy-backed off of the work done for Dylan Rewind: The Rewind: The Movie. However, it is still a great recap montage, and a pretty good short film.

Filmed after graduating from high school, Dylan Rewind 2021 was filmed across continents, with multiple cast members being in Israel for the year. That, combined with making new friends to star in the scenes, made for a completely new production experience, which translated into a very different-feeling story.

The story was written in two nights, and is much shorter and simpler than 2020's, but that's a good thing. Because the themes at play in 2021 are the center of attention. Moving on while looking back, appreciating the past and the present, and being optimistic about an uncertain future are all exceedinly important values that I personally learned as a freshman in college during a pandemic, and I channeled these feelings and lessons into Dylan Rewind.

Dylan Rewind 2021 was the first Dylan Rewind to be published in HDR, the first to span multiple continents, and the first to feature a female lead.

Songs Used:
Don't Throw Out My Legos - AJR
good 4 u (Bounce Remix) - HBz
'Till I Forget About You (Piano Cover) - Ian Krietzberg
Rainbow Connection - The Muppets
'Till I Forget About You - Big Time Rush

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