Dylan Rewind 2019

The first modern Dylan Rewind, 2019's entry was the first one to be posted on YouTube for the public to see. And that's for a good reason. The quality increase from 2018 to 2019 is the most noticeable in the whole series. The montage sections are engaging and energetic, and the scenes, albeit short, are interesting to watch. While not cohesively connected, the two scenes have a distinct vibe to them, and go well together.

The obvious influences come from My Hero Academia and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Jojo's influence would also continue into 2020. While I cringe a bit at some of the ways I showed these series in Dylan Rewind 2019, it was indicative of that time in my life, and I'm obviously a different person now.

One of the major features of Dylan Rewind 2019 is its opening theme song. A parody of Jonathan Young's cover of Peace Sign, the Dylan Rewind version was performed by Dylan, Adam, and Max, and the video is a show-for-shot remake of the My Hero Academia Season 2 opening. It offers a taste of what's to come, acting almost like a trailer within the video itself. It gives Dylan Rewind 2019 its personality, and its logo.

As 2019 was the end of a decade, I decided to combine the "Bites the Dust" rewinding section of "Great Days" with a mini decade rewind to send off the 2010s. I still love this idea, and think it was executed beautifully.

As for series traditions, the Rockerfeller Street dance at the end made a conscious return, and this was the first time I intentionally recorded that dance for use in a Dylan Rewind. I also reused the same opening montage segment, with a picture from the previous New Year's Eve, with the "Dylan Rewind 201X" text. This was removed from later entries. 2019 also started the motif of Dylan Rewind being diegetically represented in the form of a DVD that plays a role in the story. The ending dance was also refined, with the side-to-side motion before the Rockerfeller Street arms.

Dylan Rewind 2019 was started in October, a two-month increase in production time over 2018.

Songs Used:
Y.A.M. (Young All Might) - Yuki Hayashi
Leaving Love Behind - Zac Brown Band
Great Days (English Ver.) - Karen Aoki/Daisuke Hasegawa

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