Dylan Rewind: The Rewind: The Movie

Dylan Rewind: The Rewind: The Movie is a 41-minute long rewind through all of high school, created as a memento to be released on graduation day. Within the movie is the full montage sections from 2018, 2019, and 2020 (minus the camp sections), all-new scenes, what would become the first section of Dylan Rewind 2021, and functionally a Dylan Rewind 2017. The montage sections were rearranged to flow into each other within the school year, with new scenes in place of the camp sections.

The original idea for Dylan Rewind: The Rewind: The Movie was actually the opposite of what it turned out to be. The original idea was to create a cohesive story which connected and contextualized every story scene in every previous Dylan Rewind. However, this was too ambitious to create in the spring of one's senior year of high school, and so I settled for the next best thing: a high school rewind.

Creating Dylan Rewind: The Rewind: The Movie was not nearly as hard as 2020, or even 2021. All that had to be done was weld together the existing montage sections, film some new sketches, and create montages for the semi-existent Dylan Rewind 2017 and the future Dylan Rewind 2021. However, this proved to be more time consuming than expected, and scheduling complications at the end of May caused the premiere to be delayed from June 3 to June 13.

The ending is its most important part. After the last montage section, the ending of lip syncing combined with the orchestral music and sentimental videos from graduation and empty building send off the movie, and high school, with a solemn yet grand goodbye.

Dylan Rewind: The Rewind: The Movie has no cohesive story, but honors the traditions of Dylan Rewind scenes of the past. Its opening sets up the premise of the movie well, and its ending credits fits the long form factor while paying homage to the scenes from previous Dylan Rewinds.

Songs Used:
Everything's Better With Perry - Robbie Wyckoff
I Lived - OneRepublic
Castle on the Hill - Ed Sheeran
The Nights - Avicii
Satisfied - Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton
Hopes and Dreams (Orchestral Mix) - L-Train
Y.A.M. (Young All Might) - Yuki Hayashi
Great Days (English Ver.) - Karen Aoki/Daisuke Hasegawa
History Maker - DEAN FUJIOKA
Haggstrom x White Ferrari - Silvagunner
Snow Halation Mega Remix
Don't Throw Out My Legos - AJR
I Hear a Symphony - Cody Fry
Serious - Laura Bell Bundy & Richard H. Blake

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